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Great Cocky Count 2014

If you want to register for this event go to Great Cocky Count.

Great Cocky Count Workshops

The workshops will provide training on roost count methods (including a practice roost count) as well as information on black cockatoo ecology and conservation. All events are free.

Please contact Hugh Finn if you have any questions or require maps showing the location of the venues. Further information about the Great Cocky Count (including volunteer registration forms) are available at: http://www.birdlife.org.au/projects/carnabys-black-cockatoo-recovery/great-cocky-count


Congratulations to Ian Colquhoun

Roleybushcare's Chair, Dr Ian Colquhoun, was awarded the Environmental Contribution of the Year Award at a special ceremony hosted by the City as part of its Australia Day celebrations on Sunday 26 January 2014.

Ian was recognised as having worked tirelessly both in the professional arena and wider community to prevent the spread of dieback and minimise the impact of the disease on our states reserves, and enhancing our bushland communities.

Congratulations Ian.


Beautiful photos of birds on Lake Ballard near Menzies

The photos below are some of those that DPaW took recently of a colony of birds on Lake Ballard near Menzies. This lake is normally dry but the birds have flown from South Australia to take advantage of the good season. The photos may be of interest to any bird watchers in our group.

Many thanks to Reece Pedler who took these amazing photos and agreed to allow us to share them with Roleybushcare volunteers.


Friends of Forrestdale ask for your help

The Friends of Forrestdale are asking for your help with a submission about the proposed extension of Keane Road Forrestdale. The Friends of Forrestdale was formed in April 1990 following a recommendation in the Forrestdale Lake Nature Reserve Management Plan. Since that time, the group has played an active role assisting the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) in the care and management of the Bush Forever sites and conservation reserves in the Forrestdale area. These bushland and wetland sites include Anstey-Keane damplands, Piara Nature Reserve and Gibbs Road Swamp – all within the Jandakot Regional Park – and  Forrestdale Lake Nature Reserve.

The ever-increasing housing and industrial development in the Perth region continues to impact native bushland and wetland habitats. The Forrestdale area is undergoing housing development, and the subsequent loss of natural ecosystems makes the few remaining areas all the more significant. This development includes the proposed extension of Keane Road through the Anstey-Keane damplands. Please read the following from the Friends of Forrestdale.


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